Made For More Than Sunshine.

Welcome to Cara’s Community. Powerful people who are on their journey of awakening. The whole purpose isn’t just to feel joy–it’s to embody joy. By rooting deep, doing the work, and removing blocks in your Mind, Body, and Spirit–you don’t just feel good, you stay good! That’s how you spread sunshine! Here we help each other accept our shadows and step into the sunshine. Cara’s helps you embody joy in three simple steps…

Products that bring sunshine to your soul.


Little Miss Sunshine Herself


The namesake of Cara comes from our Founders daughter. Anyone who’s met, interacted, seen, or even passed Cara on the street feels the same thing–Joy.

Cara started a revolution–what if there was a way to spread sunshine in everything we do? What would it feel like to accept rain clouds, so that we could love sunshine even more?

Cara’s is dedicated to the notion that we don’t just experience joy–we embody it.

Everywhere you go is a chance to plant the seeds of sunshine, and every day is a new chance to watch that garden grow.

Yes–Cara’s has good products, but it has an even better community, mission, vision, attitude, and (frankly adorable) namesake.

When you embody joy, every day is a sunshine state of mind.




Healers. Leaders. Entrepreneurs.


What happens when you find something you love? You share it!

We’re not about recruiting. We’re not about “points.” We’re about people.

People have needs. Needs for alternatives to excessively priced products. Needs to feel as powerful as they actually are. Needs to calm, center, ground, and relax. We meet those needs.

Our premier quality full spectrum oil helps people. Period.